Vinyl Theatre on Their Recent Adventures

Milwaukee bred, Vinyl Theatre, caught my attention when I came across their hit song "Breaking Up My Bones" on Spotify about 9 months ago. Since then, the song has been played over 1 million times and their name has come up numerous times in the alternative music world. Bassist, Josh, and keyboardist, Chris, met in grade school, later becoming friends with lead singer, Keegan, and drummer Nick in high school. After realizing they all had a similar interest in music, they created a band, originally named "Alchemy", later changing the name to Vinyl Theatre. "The name Vinyl Theatre comes from us wanting to be able to share the bond and connection that music creates with our fans. When you buy a vinyl record, you are sharing a closer, more intimate bond to the band. Theatre comes from us wanting to give fans the best possible show that we can, not only sound wise, but theatrically as well," stated the band. 

The band signed with Fueled By Ramen last year and released their first full length album titled "Electrogram" in September. Every song on the album is different from the other and has its own unique vibe but the song "Breaking Up My Bones" definitely caught the attention of everyone quite quickly. "Breaking Up My Bones was a song that we worked on for a good amount of time. When writing it, we actually didn't think it was really going to be a single. The song to us is about the struggles of trying to create something that is unique in a world of noise. There's so much music out there, and it's tough to decipher what is unique." Obviously being proud of all of the songs they wrote on the album, I asked which one means something more to them. They said, "Gold is a song that we are all very close to. It was one of the first we wrote as a band and the meaning behind it has a very positive message about finding what it is in this world you want, and following it." 

When writing, each member tends to have a different influence which in the end creates a really unique sound for the band. "Keegan and I (Chris) share a mutual bond over The Killers and a few other bands. Josh takes a bit of influence from some electronic artists, as well as, being into The Shins. Nick is a big fan of the Police and Rush. Overall, we all try and listen to the same groups while we are on tour." Their dream bands to tour with would be Bad Suns, which they said is one of their "go-to" albums to listen to or The Killers.

Currently, they are touring with the Mowgli's around North America. "The tour with The Mowgli's has been great. Everyone in their band and on their crew is extremely friendly and it has made for an awesome tour so far." They also recently toured with Twenty One Pilots. "Our tour with Twenty One Pilots was amazing. Having that be our first national tour was very important for us in terms of motivation and inspiration. We were fortunate enough to have a great group of guys to learn from. It was nice to see how they treat people and especially how they work as a team." After supporting quite a few artists over the past year, I think fans (including me) are anxiously awaiting a Vinyl Theatre headlining tour soon.

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