5 Tips For Better Self Care + The Best Self Care Products


I think we often forget that one of the most important things in our life is to take care of ourselves. We get so caught up with work, school, bills and every other responsibility and when all of that become too much, we don't know how to cope. 

Over the past few years, I have tried to make it my mission to start taking better care of myself. Mentally, physically and emotionally. And we all should. I've said it many times before on this blog, but I had a horrible time in high school. Although I did have a small group of a few close friends, it was hard to deal with and mean girl were ever present. I always felt so spaced out and it was hard to be my true self, because honestly, I wasn't comfortable...at all. And I wasn't taking care of myself. 

Since then, it has become quite clear to me how important my own wellbeing is. When I moved to London, I knew that although it would be amazing, it would also be really stressful at times. And because I was by myself, I knew that the only thing that mattered was staying strong and taking care of myself. 

You have the right to be a little selfish

Tip #1

When it all seems too much, you 100% have the right to be selfish. In order for the rest of your life to be okay, you have to be okay. When I'm feeling overwhelmed, the first thing I'll do is talk to Jaye. I'm so lucky to have him. He helps me talk everything out, even if it just sounds like me complaining for 10 minutes. I usually feel much better after that. So make sure you have that person to go to when you are feeling stressed. Whether that be your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or a parent. 

Tip #2

Another thing I love to do is go to coffee shops. I will grab my laptop or a book and head to my favorite coffee shop and just escape for a couple of hours. Sometimes just being by yourself for a bit or in a new environment can be really helpful. Go to the library or maybe even a new workout class. Doing something by yourself and for yourself is important every once in a while. 

Tip #3

Meditation is a huge part of self care. I have a few favorite mediation apps that I love to use. My favorite has to be Simple Habit. It is an incredible guided meditation app and I use it all of the time. If you have never meditated before, you definitely should. You might feel a bit weird in the beginning, but it is something that has helped me (and many others) so much. It comes even more into play when I am feeling anxious. They have various different topics to choose from such as sleep, anxiety, calm, and relationship meditation, among many others. 


Tip #4

Other small things to do to take care of yourself is to have a nice cup of tea or even a pamper evening. I love to buy fun beauty products. Lip scrubs, masks, etc. Buying a new candle for myself is also something important to me because even though it's a small gift, it makes me seriously happy and relaxed! This Winter White Soy Candle from Anthropologie is my current favorite! Along with Volcano, which I also got from Anthropologie!



Self care is a necessary part of caring for others

Sometimes we get too involved in taking care of other people that we tend to forget about ourselves. In order to be able to care for others, you need to care for yourself first. When I'm sad, annoyed or overwhelmed, I know that the people closest to me can feel it too. 

Tip #5

Staying healthy with good eating and exercise is also a huge part of taking care of yourself. Drink that water! Eat that salad! Even if sometimes it feels like a bit of a chore, it's so important. But the good part is, self care also means you have the right to splurge a bit too. Have a slice of pie and a glass of wine. Life is all about balance and balance is what makes us the happiest and the healthiest. I happen to find that one of the things that keeps me the most calm and balanced is yoga. Like I said, I'm all about balance, so when I know that I've been eating a bit too much junk, I'll do some yoga. It makes me feel so much better. 

I am by no means a professional, these are just some of my favorite self care tips and some products and things that I love to use when I want to treat myself. Not everyone is the same however! For you, treating yourself may be spending a day playing video games and eating junk food. Or spending a day at the beach. Whatever it is, find your treat and make sure you treat yourself when you need it. 

Stay positive, stay balanced and treat yourself!