The Best Subreddits To Follow In Your 20's


Eat Cheap And Healthy

This is the subreddit that got me into Reddit in the first place! Jaye and I were trying to figure out what to make for dinner and he told me about Eat Cheap And Healthy. It's a huge forum full of leftovers recipes, the best meals for 2 and curated shopping lists. Although I would recommend this subreddit to anyone, it's great for college students because all of the recipes and ideas are very budget friendly. 

Personal Finance

Personal Finance is probably the most important subreddit on this list. Okay, I know, saving money is definitely not fun, but it's really important. There are constantly people talking about the best and easiest ways to save money, how to start investing from a young age and how to not get screwed over with student loans. It also organizes finance into different sections such as retirement, taxes and credit. 

Uplifting News

We live in a time where the news is filled with horrifying images every day. Although it's important to be aware, it's also really important to hear some great and uplifting news. I think this is most important for people in their 20's because it's really the first time in our lives where the stuff on the news is actually affecting us. So if you are feeling down, head over to Uplifting News to hear stories such as "Legal Love Actually: Irish judge excuses man (54) from jury duty after he reveals he's in love for the 'first time'" or "For 7 siblings adopted into one family, living together is 'dream come true'". Honestly, it's one of my favorite subreddits because it shows there are still good people in this world. 


Your go-to budget travel guide! Shoestring is the perfect subreddit for those who want to travel the world but don't have all of the money in the world to do it. Redditors share flight discount codes, free things to do in a city and show you their own budget travel adventures. It's also a really good place to find inspiration on where to travel next. 

Zen Habits

I've mentioned a few times on this blog that I have been loving meditation this year. It has helped me a lot, especially with the anxieties that come with living in a big city. Zen Habits is an amazing subreddit for anyone looking for tips of self-improvement, meditation and self-care. People also  make really good podcast recommendations as well! 

Sorry I've been so inactive recently! It's been an extremely busy month for me already and it's already nearly Christmas. I hope you guys forgive me and looking forward to all of the blogging that I will be doing in 2018! Thanks for reading.