New Year, Better Me


I hate the phrase, "New Year, New Me." HATE IT. Any time you fix something for the better in your life, you are bettering yourself, not becoming a new person. So with that being said, I'm changing the phrase to "New Year, Better Me," and posting the obligatory resolutions post!

Every year of my life seems like the craziest year yet (while in the moment), but I'm 10000000% positive that 2018 will be the craziest year of my life. So much amazing stuff is already planned and I can't wait (I'll tell you guys more about that as the year progresses)! So with a packed and exciting year expected ahead, I definitely want to have some goals as well. 

1. Focus on feeling, looking and being more healthy

I'm pretty sure that this is on the top of the resolutions list for 90% of people. I consider myself to be a mostly healthy person. I try to eat right, I'm not overweight and I don't have any health problems but I am not good when it comes to working out. I also eat unhealthy more often than I know I should. So this year, I really want to stay focused on working out and eating right. I want to feel great about myself and my body, as well as prep myself for a healthy life for the rest of my life. If I can look like Jane Fonda when I'm 80, I'll be ecstatic, so I better start while I'm 20. Also, this is one of the first times in my life where I am truly starting to feel good in my own skin. When I was younger, I hated a lot of things about myself, but now I'm slowly starting to feel more confident and I really want that to continue and grow more. 

2. Read more books

I love to read. I always have. And every year, one of my resolutions is to read more than I have the year before. I told myself this year that I would read 1 book a month. And as December is coming to a close, I have read 9. Which to be honest, isn't that bad! I stayed pretty close to my goal, I think! But for 2018, I really want to read more than I have in 2017. I'm going to make the goal again of a book a month and if I exceed that, even better! Reading is so important for your mind, it's basically a brain workout. Physical exercise for your body and mental exercise for your brain will keep you healthy. 

3. Become a more organized person

I wouldn't say I'm messy or extremely unorganized, but I'm definitely cluttered. I've always been envious of the people who can so easily have a perfectly organized room and have a beautiful calendar or planner. So this year, that's one of my goals. This is something I've already been starting on! I've just recently created a blog editorial calendar (this post is the first one on my new calendar)! I also purchased a new planner from Ohh Deer that I absolutely love! So hopefully, both of these things will help me keep the blog and my life more organized. The biggest challenge I think, will be keeping my flat organized, but it's also the thing I want to accomplish the most. Being out in the city every day can be exhausting and all I want to do is to be able to come back to a beautifully organized place! 

Tips On Keeping Your New Years Resolutions

  • Remember the real reason why you wanted to change
  • Talk about it with your partner or friends; have them keep you accountable 
  • Do not let small failures derail your entire plan. If you screwed up today, fix it and do it 100% tomorrow
  • Keep track of your goals. Write them down, blog about them, etc. 

What are your thoughts on New Years resolutions? Do you have any? Or do you think they are stupid? Let me know and comment below!