Concerts On A Budget

I used to go to concerts all of the time when I was in high school. I mean like once a week! Since starting college, my constant concert attending has definitely slowed down. But during those years, I racked up some great tips on how to attend all the concerts you want, on a budget! I hope all of these tips help and you can see all of your favorite bands any time they are in town!

1. Presales

Easily one of the most fool proof ways to make sure you get tickets for a concert, and make sure you get them at the original price! Now, I know that the original price of the ticket might not always be considered "budget", but it will save you from having to shell out loads of money on a resale ticket. Most presales are either through the artists fanclub or through a credit card company. Make sure you follow all of your favorite artists social media because they sometimes tweet a presale code! 

2. Fan clubs

Like I said in the last tip, fan clubs are one of the best options. Often artists will either tweet a presale word or most of the time they will email a presale code just for being signed up to their website! So go now to all of your favorite bands websites and subscribe for email alerts! 

3. Album release events and pre-order events

Okay so I guess this doesn't really count as a concert butttttt, album release events and pre-order events are one of the best and easiest ways to see your favorite bands. The way it usually works is really simple: you pre-order or buy the artists album and there is usally a signing or mini-concert of some sort! So if you really want to meet your favorite band, this is a great way to do so! I pre-ordered Pierce The Veil's album Misadventures from a music store here in London and they had a mini concert where they performed about 7 songs and there was a poster signing at the end! And all I did was pre-order their album! Read more about it here!

4. Resale on the day of the concert

Now I know I said before that resale is expensive (which it can be) and if it's your favorite band, maybe don't use this tip because it is really risky, but hear me out. On the day of a concert, many resellers freak out and drastically lower the prices of tickets because they just want to get them sold! Now, this isn't the case for every show but sometimes, you can get extremely lucky and get a really cheap ticket. I have done this so many times and always paid under about $20! But like I said, it's a risky move because you will not know for sure if the prices will actually be low enough that you can afford or if they will be sold out.

5. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Use your resources!!!! Internet friends are the best people to buy tickets from for cheap and on short notice. If you follow a lot of fan accounts and have mutuals with people that like the same bands as you, they will often post about tickets they need to get rid of! Obviously, don't be stupid, use your intuition and know when something sounds too good to be true. 

I hope all of this information helps! Let me know if you have any more questions!