Planning A Concert Road Trip

Concerts and road trips... Two of my favourite things! Put them together and you have a concert road trip! My senior year of high school, my best friend and I had the idea of going to see one of our favorite bands twice, in San Diego and in Irvine. After getting excited about this idea, we looked into where the band was going next and realized that they were traveling up all of the west coast. And then we had the crazy idea to plan a concert road trip and go to 6 (yes... 6) of the tour dates up the west coast. We planned for months and a couple of weeks after our graduation, we went on one of the craziest journeys we've ever had! We started in San Diego, CA and ended in Vancouver, B.C. Although this was over a year ago, I still get so many questions about how we planned it, so I thought I would write a blog post of the steps we took while planning for you guys!!

1. #1 Road Trip Essential - A reliable car

Just trust me on this one, if your car is in bad shape, don't drive it on a road trip where you have time constraints. Although my car was in good shape, we still had to stop several times in the middle of nowhere because my car was overheating! It would also be amazing if you learned basic car stuff before you leave, such as changing a tire.

2. Write everything down

Buy a cheap notebook and fill it with everything. It's not only handy for you to have but also good to leave behind with your significant other or a parent just so they know where you are planning to be when you are gone. Safety first guys! We planned everything in our notebook. First writing down every tour date and city. Then going on to use it to put down information for where we were staying and even fun places to stop while we were driving. Also good to plan out how much you'll be driving every day in here.

3. Budget

Going to 6 concerts was not cheap, but we saved for months and made sure to spend wisely while we were gone. Take turns paying for gas and eat simply the entire time. We went to quite a few grocery stores and had a cooler in the trunk to keep costs down. Obviously go out to eat occasionally! Traveling the country means there are so many incredible places and treats to try! Biggest tip for this section: skip concert food! It's usually disgusting and way over priced! 

4. Airbnb is your best friend

We stayed in 3 Airbnb's during the trip and they saved us so much money. Also, a lot of the time, they can be more comfortable and easy than a hotel. Because we were only staying at all of our places for just a night, they all cost us under about $100 average! It was also amazing because every single night, the concerts ended so late and all of our airbnb's just had the keys in a lockbox at the house, so it was quick and easy when we were basically in zombie mode.

5. Print out everything

Trust me. Just do it. I lost count how many times we had no service and we would have gotten majorly lost if we hadn't printed our directions to every single place. Yes, I mean everywhere. Get directions and addresses to every place you are staying and every venue. As I said before, this is also a great thing to leave with a loved one, just in case!

6. Buy your tickets for every show ahead of time

We bought all of our tickets on resale, which is honestly not the best option. If you have the idea of a concert road trip ahead of time, then buy all of your tickets when they go on sale. You will get a lot better of a price. Also, sign up for fan clubs and the bands website because a lot of time, there will be a pre-sale and you can get good seats for cheap!

I hope this helped anyone who wants to plan a concert road trip or who was just interested in our trip!

Comment below if you've ever followed one of your favorite bands or if you have any questions you want to ask!