How To Stay Healthy In College

College is known as the place where you only eat fast food because it's all you can afford and drink loads of alcohol every day of the week. But if we actually did that, we would be soooooo unhealthy. I made it my mission when I started college not to gain the "freshman 15." I wanted to eat as healthy as I could and just try to live a healthy lifestyle. That doesn't mean I don't eat good food or have a drink every once in a while, it just means making the conscious decision to try to stay healthy.

Here are my tips for trying to stay healthy in college, while still having a good time!

Slow down with the alcohol

Now I know what a lot of people are going to say, "But college is about drinking and partying and it's the only time in my life that I can do this!" Alcohol is literally just empty calories. I'm not saying to quit alcohol all together, I'm just saying to keep it to a minimum. And only on the weekends! Alcohol bingeing can be castrostropic to your healthy no matter what your age. I'm not a huge drinker. A couple of cocktails or a couple glasses of wine with my boyfriend on the weekend is about the extent of my drinking. But because of this, I haven't put on the dreaded pounds people say you will put on in college.

Eat cheap but healthy

College = Broke Students, that's just reality. You always hear about people living off of toast and Top Ramen. However, if you only eat that, you are guaranteed to gain weight. Some of my cheap food staples included potatoes, eggs, rice, pasta, frozen and fresh vegetables, chicken breast, fresh and frozen fruit, and oats. Another helpful thing to do is spend a bit more time looking for the sales. Many stores will put something on sale if the expiration date is near. So look for the sales on fresh vegetables and fruit, especially.

Drink lots of water

I know you've heard it 100 times, but drinking a lot of water is so beneficial to your health. Not only will it stop you from overeating, it will also keep you hydrated and help keep your skin clear. Buy a plastic water bottle and fill it up multiple times a day so you don't have to keep buying water bottles every time you are thirsty.

Find bedroom workouts on YouTube

If you are like me, you hate going to the gym. So since being in college, I've found a ton of amazing bedroom workouts. I've also really gotten in to yoga. Just taking 30 minutes out of your day to workout will really make a difference in how you feel. 

Here are a few of my favorite workouts and channels!

Pack Your Lunch

Cooking your own food means you will know exactly what is in it. Instead of wasting money on fast food every day, pack your lunch and bring it to class with you. Its's also really good for the days when you are extra busy. One of my favorite things to do is pack a salad in a tupperware box the night before, make my own dressing and put it in a small plastic bag on top so you can toss it when you are ready to eat.

These are some of my favorite pack lunch ideas from Pinterest! 

  Photo via Pinterest  - Check it out on The Zoe Report  here !

Photo via Pinterest - Check it out on The Zoe Report here!

  Photo via Pinterest -  Check it out on Lexi's Clean Kitchen  here !

Photo via Pinterest - Check it out on Lexi's Clean Kitchen here!

P.S. I am by no means a nutritionist. These are just the things I've been practicing since I've been in college.

I hope all of these tips are helpful!