Dealing With Stress & Anxiety

I'm usually a pretty chilled out person, but since being in college and finally becoming a real adult, I've been having some cases of stress and anxiety. Getting anxious about doing things by myself, or getting stressed about deadlines... oh the deadlines. Not to mention being so far away from my family. It can be really difficult at times but I've found that surrounding yourself with positive energy can really help. When I am feeling stressed and overwhelmed, the first thing I do is call or spend time with my boyfriend Jaye. Being around someone you love can seriously make your life so much better. Don't close yourself out when you are feel anxious or depressed. Having girl time with my best friend Ella, going on walks through the park, blogging, reading, watching movies, baking, cooking and realizing that I am only human. Everyone has days where they feel like it is just too much. I've had a few days since living here where even the thought of going outside makes me panic. But something I try to tell myself is that I only have one life and I should go out and live it.

5 tips on how to combat stress & anxiety

1. Eat properly & drink a lot of water - Seriously, this is so important. When you are stressed and tired, all you want is caffeine and junk food (or at least that's what I usually want) but eating right will make your body feel better and your mind more clear.

2. Surround yourself with good people - Get rid of anyone toxic in your life. Honestly, the people around you definitely have an effect on your energy. Surround yourself with people who lift you up and will listen to you vent. 

3. MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC - Listen to what makes you happy. If I'm feeling really overwhelmed, I will usually listen to 1 of 3 things : 90's-00's pop, post-hardcore, or Frank Sinatra. Random, I know. But putting yourself into a happy and relaxed mindset for even just 10 minutes will calm your nerves. Take some time to put in your headphones and listen to your favourite music.

4. Yoga - Having some time to relax and do something good for your body will help your mental state when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed. And it really does feel amazing.

5. Sleep - Not having enough rest will literally fry your brain. When I haven't had enough sleep, I get super anxious and have absolutely no patience. When you've had enough sleep, you will wake up with a clear head and be able to tackle the day. If you are having trouble sleeping, try to turn off your electronics and hour before bed. Read and have some sleepy time tea.

If you or someone you know needs help with stress, anxiety or depression, go here. ADAA has an online support group and you can anonymously get help as well.