Monday Muse - Debbie Harry

Definition : A person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

This week on Monday Muse, I wanted to bring you another rock goddess. This week is Debbie Harry! Debbie Harry is best known as being the lead singer of rock band, Blondie. I vividly remember being about 9 years old and my mom playing Blondie songs in the car when we were driving to Las Vegas. She then started to tell me about all of the new wave artists and bands she loved and it makes sense that I love so many of those same bands today.

Blondie formed in the mid-late 70's and were part of the CBGB community of bands. If you haven't heard of CBGB, it was a punk club in New York City in the 70's and it was the regular home to bands such as Talking Heads, Ramones and of course, Blondie. What I would do to be able to go back in time and attend some of those shows! 

If you hadn't noticed already, I am a rock and roll girl. I love rock music, bands, fashion and everything in-between. So Debbie is definitely one of my style icons. In the 70's, she had the most effortless rock and roll girl look. Beautiful angular dark eyes and messy hair. Jeans, leather jackets, boots, and crop tops. 

Today, Debbie is in her 70's and still looks incredible. Similar to Stevie Nicks (who I covered last week), Debbie Harry is one of the woman that paved the way for women in rock. She was not afraid to be herself and has had all of the sex appeal throughout her entire career. 

The only place left for rock to go is toward more girl stars. There’s nothing left for men to do. There’s bound to be more male stars, but they can’t express anything new.
— Debbie Harry

Which rock goddess (past or present) is your favorite? Comment down below!