Sunday Funday

Sunday was yesterday and Jaye (my boyfriend) and I went out on a cute date. So I took a few photos of what we did! I know this is a short blog post but I wanted to post it for you guys anyways! Enjoy!

The delicious desserts at Picturehouse Central

What we ordered! I got a latte and my all time favorite brownie in the entire world! And Jaye ordered a hot chocolate and what we think was a pistachio white chocolate brownie! Ohhhhh soooo delicious! 

Some of the cool film art on the walls around our seat!

More drinks, also at Picturehouse as we waited for our food.

The amazing view from our window as we had our drinks!

We went to watch a screening on Alien in 70mm! It was amazing!

Found this mug at Urban Outfitters after the movie! I need it in my life!!

And lastly, all the cactus for me! The crazy cactus lady! 

I hope you guys enjoyed a few snapshots from our weekend! What did you do?