The Best Avocado Toast in London

I LOVE AVOCADO TOAST!! I know, how typical of me, but honestly I'm gonna pull a hipster quote and say "I liked it before it was cool!" Growing up, my mom would put avocado on everything and it quickly became one of my favorite foods! So when avocado toast became a trendy menu item at every coffee shop and brunch place, I was extremely excited to find my favorite ones! In San Diego, it was the avocado toast and whipped goat cheese from Coffee & Tea Collective in the East Village!

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In Vancouver it is the avocado toast on sourdough from Nelson the Seagull! 

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So when I moved to London a couple of years ago, it was my mission to find the best avocado toast! Which means I tried a lot of them! Some were amazing and others weren't so great! But today, I'm just gonna talk about my favorites in this cold beautiful city! Although my phone is filled with a lot of toast pictures, I narrowed it down to my top 4 favorites! 

#4 - Attendant Shoreditch

"What is the pink/red blob on your plate," you may ask? It's beetroot hummus! Random, I know! But honestly, it's kind of amazing! And it makes the plate look beautiful and pop as well. Now, I'm not gonna lie, out of the 4 of these toasts, this one definitely skimps the most! But it's still very delicious! I just wish there was more of it! 

#3 - Vagabond N7

Now, this is a bit of a random one! Vagabond is in Holloway area which isn't where there are many great coffee shops! So this one definitely sticks out. It's not your traditional avocado toast! It has salad and pickled onions with a sweet glaze (and salmon that I added). But although it's not traditional, it is seriously delicious! The tangy sweetness from the onions pairs so well with the avocado. It's something unexpected and a really great take on the trendy avocado toast. Also, it's huge and packed high. So you will not leave hungry! 

#2 - Shoreditch Grind

Shoreditch Grind is a very veryyyyy close second! Not only is the cafe absolutely beautiful, but there coffee is also great. It is certainly in my top 3 coffee shops in London. There are various locations around London which means I'm always in a reasonable distance away from great avocado toast! The only reason this is not #1 is because sometimes they skimp! It was a good day when I took this photo, but still, if I'm paying for avocado toast, you better give me all of the avocado and more! It extremely delicious though so that's why it's on this list.

#1 - Flat White 

Tucked away on a small pedestrian only street in Soho is Flat White. It's one of the first coffee shops I fell in love with when I moved here! It's an Australian coffee shop that is incredible. It's super cozy and small. Like really small. It sits less that 20 people. The avocado toast is by far the best I've had in London. One of the things that I need to have in my avocado toast is some citrus and this avocado toast is sour and amazing. The feta makes it perfectly salty and the chilis give it a great little kick! They also have great coffee! Great coffee + great avocado toast = happy Ash! 

I hope you guys enjoyed! Let me know if I should do any more posts like this! Maybe for the best coffee shops or best lattes in the city. Comment what you think down below!