90 Degrees

90 DEGREES IN LONDON?!?! Yes! If you don't live in the UK, I know what you are thinking, "what the hell! I thought London was supposed to be cold and rainy all of the time!" I know. That's what I thought too! This is my first full summer living here in London and I can tell you, when London gets hot, it's very hot! Jaye told me time and time again, but I never believed him! I would say, "I know hot weather! I'm from the west coast!" What I didn't realize is that I was used to dry heat! Not the muggy gross heat of the city!

Wednesday, my friend Ella and I decided to go out for lunch and to take some outfit photos. Of course, me being me, I decided to wear dark clothes (as always) and nearly burned to death. But at least I got a few photos out of it!

We started our day of at Bluebird in Chelsea.

Being half Mexican and from San Diego, I'm VERY critical of all food they call "Mexican" here. But I have to say, this was some of the best guacamole I've had here so far! 

I had a wonderful salad and Ella had smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, which she said was really nice.

Then we took a walk around Chelsea to go take some photos. If you can't tell, I was boiling hot and thought I was gonna pass out!

Outfit wise, I wore my favorite Iron Maiden T-shirt. I couldn't find the exact one, but I put a few similar ones down below. My shorts are from Topshop, my shoes are Vagabond. My bag is a mini little backpack I just bought from Urban Outfitters, I love it! And the plaid shirt is Jaye's but I stole it from him and that is from Topman!

And last but not least, we ended the day in Hyde Park with some ice cream! You can tell how hot it was by the fact that my ice cream cone was dripping like crazy.

Let me know if you guys enjoy these photo diaries and I'll start to do some more soon!