Pamper Evening Essentials

Turn on the music, put on a candle, and pour yourself a glass of rosé! In my opinion, a full out pamper evening is necessary at least once a month! It is a great way to show yourself some care and have a relaxing beauty night. 

So here is my step by step guide to having an AMAZING pamper evening! TREAT YOURSELF!! 

Nothing is complete without music. So here is my go-to playlist for a relaxing evening! It's all indie acoustic! 

Alternatively, here is my playlist for when you want a super girly and more upbeat pamper evening! 

One of the first things I like to do is a hair mask! If you have never done a coconut oil mask, you are seriouslyyyyy missing out. It's a cheap and super easy way to hydrate your hair and make it incredibly soft and wonderful. I bought this coconut oil for a few bucks at the grocery store. It just cold pressed coconut oil (that says it's just for cooking, even though that's a lie). I will put this all throughout my hair from the roots to the ends and then clip it up all on to the top of my head. I will usually do this for a few hours. 

While my hair is in the coconut oil mask, I will usually just relax, drink a beverage of sorts (if you are of age, pour yourself a glass of wine or make a margarita!) and watch a movie. Personally, pamper evening means chick-flick! Some of my favorites are The Devil Wears Prada, Crazy Stupid Love, La La Land and Twilight! 

Once I've had my hair mask in for a while, I will take a shower and wash out the coconut oil! Just wash and condition your hair like normal! If you have extra fine hair, you might want to wash it twice because the coconut oil can make your hair feel pretty greasy. While in the shower, I will you the Soap & Glory Scrub Of Your Life all over my body. It smells amazing and makes your skin soooooo soft! After I'm out of the shower, I will you The Righteous Butter all over my body and then Hand Food on my hands, obviously. Soap & Glory is an amazing company because their products are really high quality but seriously budget friendly! 

Next is a face mask! You have to do a face mask on a pamper evening! I've talked about the Garnier sheet mask on the blog before and added a couple of my other favorites. After your mask, make sure to moisturize.

Last but not least are nails! I am someone who loves to have my nails done. I feel so much more put together when they are painted. Here are a few of my current favorites! And the HOLY GRAIL, O.P.I.'s RapiDry. Honestly this is one of those beauty products that I have repurchased many times over! It is the best quick dry top coat out there. I can do my nails 10 minutes before bed and will not get creases on the polish. It's amazing. Also just a clear base coat from Topshop and this MaxFactor red, it is the perfect color red. 

I hope that you guys have your very own pamper evening ASAP! Also, tell me some of your essentials in the comments!