Halsey - hopeless fountain kingdom

If you know me, it's no secret that I am a hugeeeee Halsey fan. And I have been anxiously awaiting this album since Badlands!

But I'm not gonna lie, when she released Now Or Never as the first single, I was not sure how I was going to like this album. Although I didn't hate the song, it just didn't feel like the classic Halsey songs I love. It almost felt like kind of a sellout, too similar to what we hear on the radio. But after hearing the whole album last week, I fell in love with it because the whole story made sense.

Although I don't love it as much as Badlands, this album is incredible. Halsey has always been an incredible song writer and it has really proven true after this album. From start to finish, you are hearing a story being told. She recently said on Twitter that the entire album is about the beginning and end of a "toxic relationship" that she was once in. 

There are quite a few Romeo and Juliet references as well. Which she has been known to love! She has a tattoo on her arm that reads "these violent delights have violent ends."

Halsey is not just a pop star. She is just a literal star. I don't think she gets as much credit as she deserves. She writes all of her songs, is incredible to her fans and she so beautifully constructs her whole fandom/world. She has comes up with the coolest ideas, such as having a scavenger hunt for fans, having a Badlands hotline to call in order to get a resale secret code, and having the most amazing pop up shops and concerts. 

Halsey (a.k.a. Ashley Frangipane) is so unapologetically herself and has shown this from the beginning of her career. 

My favorites: Sorry, Heaven in Hiding, Eyes Closed, Walls Could Talk

What is your favorite song on the album? Comment below!