London in July

It is nearly August! How crazy is that? This year has already flown by so quickly, which is actually kind of exciting because next year is gonna be insane (in the best possible way)! 

So as it is still July, I wanted to do a style post on some of my favorite things I've been wearing. Also, I need to mention, this is the first full summer I have spent in London and it has NOT felt like summer in the slightest! If you remember, I did a blog post called 90 Degrees about a month ago. Well, that was the last super hot day we had! Which is a bit of a bummer because I've been craving some real California summer weather. So finding the perfect "summer" outfit has been a bit of a struggle. 

Sunday morning, Jaye and I got up really early and went to go take some photos all along Westminster Bridge and the South Bank and it was incredible. It was cold! As you can see, I was wearing thick tights and a leather jacket... in July! But I took it off for a few shots just to show how beautiful the back of this dress is! 

My tips for anyone who is dealing with similar weather conditions, take summer pieces and pair them with warmer pieces. Such as dresses with tights like I have here! Or a pair of shorts and a slouchy sweater! 

P.S. Thank you to my handsome boyfriend, Jaye, for taking these photos!