Why I Moved to London for College

I get questions all of the time about why I decided to move to London, especially when I got accepted to school and actually started the moving process. So I decided that today, I would share with you the real reason that I decided to move here!

Growing up, I was obsessed with books (I still am today!) At around 9 years old, I started reading Harry Potter. At this point I was already growing up with the movies and I was obsessed. And that is where the fascination with the UK started. If you ask anyone who knows me from my hometown, they will tell you how obsessed I was with the idea of the UK. I would read books about London and documentaries. I even stayed home from school the day that Prince William and Kate got married because I needed to witness the entire British experience! It became my mission to know as much about England as I could. 

Like I have said in previous posts, I'm half Mexican. When a Mexican girl turns 15, she has a huge party which basically celebrates the fact that she is now a woman. I could care less about having a big expensive party, so I asked my parents if we could travel somewhere instead. And of course, I chose London. That was the trip that changed it all. I was just about to turn 15 and became so in love with this city that from that point on, I knew I would move here some day! And now I am (determination and hardworking pays off!!!) 

So the moment I got home, I started to tell everyone I was going to move to London and go to college. No one thought I was being serious (except my parents, they always knew how serious I was.) I had family friends telling my parents that I would be back in a year and I had friends telling me that I was crazy.

The first week of my freshman year of high school, we were all supposed to have a meeting with our counselors and talk about what our plans were for college so we could build our classes to get there. So I walked into my counselors room very excitedly and told her I wanted to move to London and attend a college for journalism. I vividly remember this day, because she told me, "well that's a bit big of a goal and you should have many back up plans because it's probably not going to work out." I am an extremely determined person and when someone tells me I can't do something, you bet your ass that I'm going to do it. So I said "okay well we'll see, won't we?" Fast forward 4 years and it's the day before graduation. At this point, I had already been accepted to my school and was moving in 3 months. I walked into my counselors room to pick up some paperwork and she said "wow, so you are actually moving to London. Well, good luck." People like this are the people that drive me to get where I want in life. So long story short, don't EVER let anyone tell you that you can't do something. So the next day, I show up to graduation with cap decorated with a Union Jack, completely covered in crystals. I was so proud and happy at that moment that I had absolutely no shame! And my best friend being supportive and awesome also matched me! 

It was not an easy road to get to London, let me tell you. I worked my ass off in high school, did so much research and I could not have done it without the help of my incredibly supportive parents who always told me to follow my dreams no matter what and to do what made me happy. 

I am almost at the 2 year mark of living in London and it has honestly been so incredible. It has been the best but also the hardest thing I have ever done. Although it has been so worth it, moving away from my family and friends was the hardest thing I have ever done. I am a family girl, the reason I am where I am today is because of them. But having supportive friends and family at home has made the transition so much easier. 

Also, who knew that 7 months after I took this photo, that I would meet the love of my life! Even when I was so homesick and doubting myself, the second I met Jaye, he was so supportive and always made me feel at home. And he still makes me feel that way! 

I took a chance and packed my bags to move half way across the world and it is the best thing I could have ever done. 

So thank you to my family, my boyfriend and friends for believing in me even when sometimes I doubted myself. I love you guys.

Let me know down in the comments if you guys are interested in me doing a blog post about how I moved and how I applied for the colleges, visas and stuff!