The Best Beauty Advice I've Received From My Momma

I was always the little girl that would dig through my mothers products, clothes and makeup. I was so fascinated by it all. I would steal my mom's nail polish and her face masks! Thinking about it now, it make sense to why I love pampering myself so much now. For a few years while I was growing up, my mom was an esthetician. Throughout my entire life she has always taught me everything she knew about beauty and I thought it would be a good idea to share some of that wonderful advice with you.

I'm one #happy momma💕

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1. Drink LOTS of water

We've all heard it before, "drinking a lot of water will give you better skin," but not everyone does it. My mother has always been a huge water drinker and because of that, so have I. Let me tell you, it makes a hugeeee difference. Not only does it clear up your skin, but it gives your skin moisture and life. Being dehydrated dries out your skin and lips and it horrible for your body. So drink up! 

2. Take care of your nails; clean, file, polish

My mom was constantly telling me to take care of my nails and for a very long time growing up, I didn't listen at all! My momma and my nana have beautiful nails and they have always been long and strong. Why? Because they have always taken care of them. Only recently have I started taking her advice and putting more time and effort into keeping them in a good shape and they have become so much healthier and stronger. 

3. Invest in skin care

The better your skin is, the less makeup you will have to put on. My momma has always told me to invest in good skin care. It doesn't always have to be the expensive stuff either, but just make sure you put time into finding what will really works on you.

4. Never sleep in your makeup

Sleeping in your makeup is horrible for your skin! It dries it out and causes tons of blemishes because your pores are clogged. It doesn't feel nice either! My mom and I both love makeup wipes. The best ones are definitely the makeup wipes from Neutrogena! Sadly they don't sell them in England!!! I've been using Simple ones since I've been here instead. 

5. Never pick at or try to pop zits or pimples

Trust me, I know how hard it is not to want to pick at spots on your face, but trust me, don't. Unless you are at a dermatologist or getting it done by a trained professional. If you pick at your zits, it will start to cause acne scaring and full on craters on your face and that just causes more skin problems later. If you want to get rid of your zits quickly and safely, I would recommend Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

I hope you guys enjoyed this! Comment below what some of the best beauty is advice your momma ever told you was!