5 Things To Know Before You Start A Blog

1. Having a blog is a lot of work if you want it to be successful - but it's so worth it

"It looks easy! Just come up with an idea and post it." No, no and no. Although having a blog is amazing because you have a platform to create the content that you want, it is also a lot of hard work. Every little piece of your blog has to be created, from the font to the colors. If you want your blog to stand out, you have to make it your own and that takes a lot of time. You have to be consistent but patient and you have to create interesting content. One post can take me a week to make perfect enough for me to want to post it.

2. You will have writers/creator block sometimes

No matter what you will be blogging about, you are bound to have days where you have no idea what to write about. Seriously I have had days where I have sat with a notebook for an hour in silence just trying to come up with ideas. What you have to remember is like anything, writers block will pass. One of my tips to try and combat this is to keep a notebook by your bed so whenever you have an idea pop up in your head, you can put it on paper. That way, if you are ever at a road block in your writing, you can refer to that for ideas!

3. It will take some time before you actually see the views you want

The phrase "build a city and they will come," doesn't exist in the blogging world. Unless you are a celebrity or someone who already has a huge social media following, you will have to work hard to get people to want to look at your blog. You have to build a blog from the bottom up. Some days you will have 100 views or others you may have 2. The real key is consistency. When people see you consistently post, they will be more willing to come back! Social media is so important. Self promotion is sooooooo important. I get over 70% of my views from Instagram and Facebook. 

4. Find something about you that makes you stand out in a world full of bloggers

Nowadays, everyone has a blog. So you need to find something that makes you stand out. For me, I found that to be moving to London at 18. That is something that people find interesting, therefore, it gave me content to write about and something that made me stand out a bit more. Maybe for you, that's your amazing art or maybe that you're blogging about what not many other people are blogging about. 

5. Don't start a blog just for the recognition

Don't start a blog for the wrong reasons, because you will be really discouraged when it doesn't come fast. Like I said above, unless you are famous, you will not get the readership you want right off the bat. So don't start a blog if it's because you want to get "famous" fast or get free stuff. Start a blog because you are actually passionate in what you are writing about or the outfits or recipes you are sharing. 

I get a lot of questions about blogging and how I started my blog, so I'm gonna start posting some more blog related content! Let me know in the comments down below if there is anything specific you want to know!