What I've Been Reading #3

I've been reading like crazy again! And I'm really happy about it. I loved all of the books I read from the last post about the books I read (read it here!) 

So here is the next set of books on my bookshelf! 

What I've Read: Pretty Happy - Healthy Ways To Love Your Body by Kate Hudson


I have been a huge fan of Kate Hudson for a really long time. She's in one of my all time favorite movies, Almost Famous! I have always though she was so beautiful and looked really healthy, so when I found out that she had a health book, I had to read it. And I'm so happy I did! This book isn't a diet book, it's a healthy lifestyle book. It talks about food, exercise and mindfulness. It really shows that in order to be a healthy person, fad diets are not going to help, but a healthy lifestyle change will. It was a really easy read and had so much a amazing information that I will definitely be putting into my lifestyle.


If you are an 80's hair metal junkie like me, I'm sure you've heard the song and watched the video, Cherry Pie by Warrent. I'm also sure you didn't forget the 'Cherry Pie' girl. Her name is Bobbie Brown and this is her book. I'm about half way through and I absolutely love it. But please, don't read this book if you are under the age of 16! Bobbie holds nothing back and spills dirt on her then husband Jani Lane (lead singer of Warrent), Tommy Lee (drummer for Motley Crue) and even Leonardo Dicaprio! It's a super easy read and very entertaining! 

What I Will Read: How To Be An Overnight Success - Making It In Business by Maria Hatzistefanis


I saw this book at a bookstore a couple of weeks ago and had to buy it, mainly because the drawing on the front was so cute! Also, when I saw it was about business, I knew it would be something beneficial to read. It's written by Maria Hatzistefanis, she is the founder and CEO of Rodial, which is a skincare and cosmetics company. She's also extremely stylish herself! I have a feeling it is going to be a similar style to GIRLBOSS which is a book I love and highly recommend to any woman who wants to make it in the industry.