7 Albums I Can't Stop Playing

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“Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid.” ― Frank Zappa

Music is food for the soul. I've always believed that. No matter what mood you are in, there is music for that feeling. I love rediscovering music I used to love or finding old music that will become a new love. Here are a list of some of the albums that I have been loving recently. 

Make sure to comment down below with some of your favorite albums and artists to share some of your music loves!

Live Through This - Hole

I always have a 90's album circling around the albums I always listen to, and right now it's definitely Live Through this by Hole. I know everyone has their opinions on Courtney Love and Hole, but you can't deny that this is a great album. 

Favorite song : Miss World

Disappear Here - Bad Suns

Indie pop rock is one of those genres that you can listen to at any time and in any mood. Bad Suns are kings of the scene right now and a band I really like. I've seen them live probably 5 or 6 times and every single time, they perform the hell out of their songs. 

Favorite song : Disappear Here

Defy - Of Mice & Men

Now on to a heavier band, Of Mice & Men. I've been a fan of them for years, but this is the first album they have released without past lead singer Austin Carlile, and I was a bit nervous it wouldn't be the same. But this album is turning out to be amazing!

Favorite song : Unbreakable 

Take Off Your Pants And Jacket - blink-182

I have been a fan of Blink-182 my entire life. They are a quintessential San Diego band and they make me feel nostalgic and miss California. This is just one of those classic pop punk albums that everyone in the scene loves.

Favorite song : First Date

Hummingbird - Local Natives

Listening to Local Natives makes me feel so content and relaxed. I have never disliked a song they have recorded and this is by far my favorite album they have. I just feel like I should be sitting in a coffee shop and sitting by a window (one of my favorite things to do) every single time I listen to them.

Favorite song : Bowery 

Back In Black - AC/DC

This is one of the most classic rock albums of all time and I can listen to it on repeat. AC/DC is just one of those bands who never made a bad song. I also always think of the tv show Supernatural every time I listen to them because it's basically the soundtrack of the series. 

Favorite song : You Shook Me All Night Long

Shout At The Devil - Motley Crue

My favorite 80's rock band of all time is Motley Crue. And since it's been announced that they are making a movie based on their book The Dirt, I've been listening to them non-stop. They are the epitome of 80's heavy metal.

Favorite song : Looks That Kill