Pierce The Veil Release "Misadventures"

"Misadventures" has been by far one of the most anticipated albums in the post-hardcore community in the past couple of years. San Diego (MY HOMETOWN) based band Pierce The Veil finally released their 4th album and people have been going crazy about it.

The album was released a few weeks and songs have already been played over a million times of Spotify. With 11 new songs released, fans are more than happy about PTV making a musical comeback (me included)!

I was lucky enough to go to an event here in London at HMV on the 27th of April, where the band came to sing old classics such as King For A Day and Caraphernelia and new tracks such as Circles and Texas Is Forever. As well as doing a signing of some promotional posters afterwards. The entire set was really fun and it was so nice to hear the band perform again, as it had been nearly a year since they had done a show (Warped Tour in San Diego being one of the last times I saw them.)

If you haven't listened to the album yet, I would definitely recommend it. My favorite songs so far have been Dive In, Circles, and Gold Medal Ribbon. 

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